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警察,法官和教育工作者是个人,负责执行常态标准并标记某些行为具有自然特征。 这些官员通过在人们身上贴上标签并创造偏差类别,加强了社会的权力结构。 通常,富人为穷人定义了偏差,男人为女人,老年人为年轻人,以及少数族裔或少数民族占多数。 换句话说,社会的支配群体会创建偏差标签并将其应用于下属群体。 例如,许多孩子打破窗户,从别人的树上偷走水果,爬进邻居的院子或逃学。 在富裕的社区中,父母,老师和警察将这些行为视为典型的青少年行为。 但是在贫困地区,类似行为可能被视为少年犯罪的迹象。 这表明类在标签中起着重要作用。 种族也是一个因素。

Social Essay代写样本

Police, judges and educators are individuals who are responsible for enforcing normal standards and marking certain actions as having natural characteristics. These officials have strengthened society’s power structure by labelling people and creating bias categories. In general, the rich define bias for the poor, men are women, older people are young people, and minorities or minorities are in the majority. In other words, the dominant group of society creates bias labels and applies them to subordinate groups. For example, many children break windows, steal fruits from other people’s trees, climb into neighbourhood yards, or skip school. In rich communities, parents, teachers, and police see these behaviors as typical adolescent behaviors. But in poor areas, similar behavior may be seen as a sign of juvenile delinquency. This shows that classes play an important role in labels. Race is also a factor.


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