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一件丑陋的圣诞毛衣是任何带有圣诞主题的毛衣,被认为味道不好,俗气或艳俗。那么毛衣难看的原因是什么?嗯,普遍的共识是更多的装饰,更多的金属丝,更多的圣诞主题装饰 – 毛衣丑陋。很难说是谁发明了第一件丑陋的圣诞毛衣。事实上,我们可以假设丑陋的毛衣设计的初衷是时尚。只是因为我们不断变化的时尚感,曾经被认为可以接受的毛衣现在被认为是丑陋的。一些人认为喜剧演员和演员比尔科斯比是他的丑陋圣诞毛衣的父亲,因为他在他的节目“比尔考斯比秀”中穿着整齐的毛衣设计。虽然Cosby可以理解地不想接受推广不良口味的功劳,但我的研究表明,圣诞节毛衣是在八十年代首次以“叮当铃毛衣”的名义大规模生产。但是,尽管没有人愿意为丑陋的毛衣的扩散承担责任,但它仍然在年轻人中产生了广泛的节日传统。根据时代杂志的说法,丑陋的圣诞毛衣主题派对有了明显的复兴,他们嘲笑喜欢节日外观的父母,并认为毛衣很可爱。事实上,温哥华市声称是2002年第一个丑陋的毛衣派对的诞生地。每年,在Commodore宴会厅举行派对,着装规定确保丑陋的毛衣事件。 Commodore年度丑陋毛衣派对的联合创始人Chris Boyd和Jordan Birch甚至将“丑陋的圣诞毛衣”和“丑陋的圣诞毛衣派对”这个词注册了商标。毛衣是一种针织上衣,针织服装已经存在很长时间了。根据定义编织是使用针将纱线缠绕或结合在一起以形成衣服或织物片的过程。但由于针织不需要像织机那样的大型设备,因此很难追溯针织服装的确切历史。因此,历史学家不得不依赖残留的针织服装残余。我们今天熟悉的两种针织形式的服装制成的最早的例子是碎片和整个埃及“化妆袜”,其历史可以追溯到公元1000年。考古学家已经发现了许多用于袜子的例子,这些袜子是用白色和蓝色染色棉制成的,并且在其中编织了称为Khufic的象征图案。这是为了保护佩戴者。这件开襟羊毛衫以羊毛衫的第七位伯爵James Thomas Brudenell的名字命名。布鲁德内尔是一名军事上尉,带领他的部队在轻骑兵的指挥部进入死亡之谷。布鲁德内尔的部队装备了绰号为开襟羊毛衫的针织军用夹克。


An ugly Christmas sweater is any sweater with a Christmas theme that is considered in bad taste, tacky, or gaudy. So what makes for a sweater ugly? Well, the general consensus is that the more embellishments, more tinsel, and more Christmas themed decorations — the uglier the sweater. It’s hard to say who invented the first ugly Christmas sweater. As a matter of fact, we can presume that ugly sweaters were designed with the original intention of being fashionable. It’s only because of our ever-changing sense of fashion that sweaters once deemed acceptable are now considered ugly. Some consider comedian and actor Bill Cosby to be the father of the ugly Christmas sweater due to the collaged sweater designs he wore on his program “The Bill Cosby Show.” While Cosby would understandably not want to accept the credit for popularizing bad taste, my research has indicated that Christmas sweaters were first mass manufactured under the name of “jingle bell sweaters” during the eighties. But while no one wants to take the blame for the proliferation of ugly sweaters, it’s nonetheless spawned a widespread festive tradition among younger folks. According to Time Magazine, there has been a noticeable revival of ugly Christmas sweater themed parties where they make fun of their parents who loved the festive looks and had thought that the sweaters were cute. In fact, the city of Vancouver claims to be the birthplace of the first ugly sweater party in 2002. Every year, a party is held at the Commodore Ballroom where the dress code ensures an ugly sweater affair. Chris Boyd and Jordan Birch, the co-founders of the Commodore’s annual ugly sweater party, have even trademarked the word phrase “ugly Christmas sweater” and “ugly Christmas sweater party.” A sweater is a kind of knitted top and knitted garments have been around a very long time. Knitting by definition is the process of using needles to loop or knot yarn together to create a garment or piece of fabric. But since knitting did not require a large piece of equipment like a loom, it has been hard to trace the exact history of knitted garments. Thus historians have had to rely on the remnants of knitted garments that have remained. The earliest example of a garment made by the two needle form of knitting that we are familiar with today are the fragments and whole Egyptian “coptic socks,” which date back to 1000 CE. Many examples have been found by archeologists of the socks, which were made from white and blue dyed cotton and featured symbolic patterns called Khufic woven into them. This was intended to protect the wearer. The cardigan sweater was named after James Thomas Brudenell, the seventh Earl of Cardigan. Brudenell was a military captain who led his troops at The Charge of the Light Brigade into the Valley of Death. Brudenell’s troops were outfitted in knitted military jackets nicknamed cardigans.


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