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随着百老汇音乐剧“汉密尔顿”的流行,人们不仅对亚历山大·汉密尔顿本人,而且在他的妻子伊丽莎白舒勒和她的姐妹安吉莉亚和佩吉的生活中兴起了兴趣。这三位经常被历史学家忽视的女性在美国革命上留下了自己的印记。 Elizabeth,Angelica和Peggy是Philip Schuyler将军和他的妻子Catherine“Kitty”Van Rensselaer的三个最大的孩子。菲利普和凯瑟琳都是纽约繁荣的荷兰家庭的成员。 Kitty是奥尔巴尼社会的一部分,是新阿姆斯特丹的原始创始人的后裔。在他的书“致命的友谊:亚历山大·汉密尔顿和亚伦伯尔”中,阿诺德·罗戈形容她是“一位美丽,形状和绅士的女士”菲利普在他母亲在新罗谢尔的家中受过私人教育,在成长过程中,学会说流利的法语。当他作为一个年轻人参加贸易探险,与当地的易洛魁人和莫霍克族人进行交战时,这项技能证明是有用的。 1755年,同年他与Kitty Van Rensselaer结婚,菲利普与英国军队一起在法国和印度战争中服役。基蒂和菲利普有15个孩子在一起。其中七人,包括一对双胞胎和一组三胞胎,在他们的第一个生日之前去世了。在幸存至成年的八个人中,许多人与纽约着名家庭结婚。作为Schuyler孩子中最年长的孩子,Angelica在纽约奥尔巴尼出生并长大。由于她父亲的政治影响力以及他作为大陆军将军的地位,Schuyler家庭通常是一个政治阴谋的地方。会议和理事会在那里举行,Angelica和她的兄弟姐妹经常与当时的知名人物接触,就像John Barker Church,一位经常光顾Schuyler战争委员会的英国国会议员。在革命战争期间,教会通过向法国和大陆军队出售物资使自己获得了相当大的财富 – 人们可以放心地认为这使他成为他在英国本土的不受欢迎的人。教会设法向刚刚起步的美国的银行和航运公司发放了一些金融信贷,战争结束后,美国财政部无法以现金支付给他。相反,他们在纽约州西部为他提供了10万英亩的土地。 1777年,当她21岁时,Angelica与John Church私奔。虽然没有记录她的原因,但一些历史学家认为这是因为教会粗略的战时活动,她的父亲可能没有批准这场比赛。到1783年,教会被任命为法国政府的特使,因此他和Angelica搬迁到欧洲,他们在那里生活了将近15年。在巴黎期间,Angelica与本杰明富兰克林,托马斯杰斐逊,拉斐特侯爵和画家约翰特朗布尔建立了友谊。 1785年,教堂搬到了伦敦,在那里Angelica发现自己受到了王室社交圈的欢迎,并成为了William Pitt the Younger的朋友。作为舒勒将军的女儿,她被邀请参加1789年乔治华盛顿的就职典礼,这是当时一次漫长的海上旅行。 1797年,教堂返回纽约,并将他们拥有的土地安置在该州的西部。他们的儿子菲利普安排了一个小镇,并为他的母亲命名。您今天仍可访问的纽约Angelica保留了Philip Church设立的原始布局。与她那个时代的许多受过教育的女性一样,当归是一位多产的记者,并且写信给许多参与争取独立的人。她为杰斐逊,富兰克林和她的兄弟亚历山大·汉密尔顿撰写的一系列着作,揭示了她不仅是迷人的,而且还具有政治头脑,敏锐的机智,并且意识到自己在男性主导的世界中作为女性的地位。 。这些信件,尤其是汉密尔顿和杰斐逊写回Angelica的信件,表明那些认识她的人非常尊重她的观点和想法。尽管Angelica与汉密尔顿有着相互亲密的关系,但没有证据表明他们之间的联系是不恰当的。自然调情,她的写作中有几个可能被现代读者误解的事实,而在音乐剧“汉密尔顿”中,当归被描绘为暗中渴望一个她喜欢的姐夫。但是,情况不太可能发生。相反,当归和汉密尔顿可能彼此有着深厚的友谊,并且对她的妹妹汉密尔顿的妻子伊丽莎有着共同的爱。


With the current popularity of the Broadway musical “Hamilton,” there’s been a resurgence of interest in not just Alexander Hamilton himself, but also in the lives of his wife, Elizabeth Schuyler, and her sisters Angelica and Peggy. These three women, often overlooked by historians, left their own mark on the American Revolution. Elizabeth, Angelica, and Peggy were the three oldest children of General Philip Schuyler and his wife Catherine “Kitty” Van Rensselaer. Both Philip and Catherine were members of prosperous Dutch families in New York. Kitty was part of the cream of Albany society, and was descended from the original founders of New Amsterdam. In his book “A Fatal Friendship: Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr,” Arnold Rogow described her as “a lady of great beauty, shape and gentility” Philip was privately educated at his mother’s family home in New Rochelle, and while growing up, he learned to speak French fluently. This skill proved useful when he went on trade expeditions as a young man, parlaying with local Iroquois and Mohawk tribes. In 1755, the same year he married Kitty Van Rensselaer, Philip joined up with the British Army to serve in the French and Indian War. Kitty and Philip had 15 children together. Seven of them, including a set of twins and a set of triplets, died before their first birthdays. Of the eight who survived to adulthood, many married into prominent New York families. The eldest of the Schuyler children, Angelica was born and raised in Albany, New York. Thanks to her father’s political influence and his position as a general in the Continental Army, the Schuyler family home was often a site of political intrigue. Meetings and councils were held there, and Angelica and her siblings came into regular contact with well-known figures of the time, like John Barker Church, a British MP who frequented Schuyler’s war councils. Church made himself a sizable fortune during the Revolutionary War by selling supplies to the French and Continental armies — one can safely assume this made him persona non grata in his home country of England. Church managed to issue a number of financial credits to banks and shipping companies in the fledgling United States, and after the war, the U.S. Treasury department was unable to pay him back in cash. Instead, they offered him a 100,000-acre tract of land in western New York State. In 1777, when she was 21, Angelica eloped with John Church. Although her reasons for this are not documented, some historians have assumed it was because her father may not have approved the match, given Church’s sketchy wartime activities. By 1783, Church had been appointed as an envoy to the French government, and so he and Angelica relocated to Europe, where they lived for almost 15 years. During their time in Paris, Angelica formed friendships with Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, the Marquis de Lafayette, and painter John Trumbull. In 1785, the Churches moved to London, where Angelica found herself welcomed into the social circle of the royal family, and became a friend of William Pitt the Younger. As the daughter of General Schuyler, she was invited to attend George Washington’s inauguration in 1789, a lengthy trip across the sea at the time. In 1797, the Churches returned to New York, and settled the land they owned in the western part of the state. Their son Philip laid out a town, and named it for his mother. Angelica, New York, which you can still visit today, maintains the original layout set up by Philip Church. Angelica, like many educated women of her time, was a prolific correspondent, and wrote extensive letters to many of the men involved in the fight for independence. A collection of her writings to Jefferson, Franklin, and her brother in law, Alexander Hamilton, reveals that she was not just charming, but also politically savvy, sharply witty, and aware of her own status as a woman in a male-dominated world. The letters, particularly those written by Hamilton and Jefferson back to Angelica, show that those who knew her respected her opinions and ideas a great deal. Although Angelica had a mutually affectionate relationship with Hamilton, there is no evidence to suggest that their connection was inappropriate. Naturally flirtatious, there are several instances in her writing that could be misconstrued by modern readers, and in the musical “Hamilton,” Angelica is portrayed as secretly longing for a brother-in-law she loves. However, it is unlikely that this was the case. Instead, Angelica and Hamilton probably had a deep friendship for one another, and a mutual love for her sister, Hamilton’s wife Eliza.

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